Ron is a songwriter and these CD/tapes consist entirely of original songs with the exception of the two instrumental:  “Just Pickin'” & “Songs Without Words

The subjects of Ron’s work include nostalgia, Gospel, humor, love, and patriotic songs.

On the projects, Ron plays all the instruments except the bass, which is played by Arrena.

Ron and Arrena perform at R.V. parks in South Texas, and church and Senior groups in the Kansas City area.

CD/tapes can be purchased directly from us, e-mail, call or write for more information.
CDs  $10.00 or DVD $15.00  plus shipping.

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200-Doyoumissamerica  200-TheRaymersLiveDVD  200-StorytellingSongs  200-BeenThereDoneThat

200-50Years  200-LiveAtOliander  200-BalladsBlessingBalony  200-SongsTooDumbToRecord

200-ItDontGetNoBetterThanThis  200-StillPickinAndGrinnin  200-LivingADream  200-FolksWeveKnown

200-ValleyOfMemories  200-PickingOnBluegrass  200-SongsWithoutWords  200-ImJustAnOldGardenHose

200-TheHistoryOfOurFamily  200-AnOriginalChristmas  200-TheGreatestGeneration  200-GodBlessTheGeezer

200-NostalgiaAndNonsense  200-SadSentimentalSilly  200-AllGospel  200-JustPickin

200-TheGoodOleDays  200-MoreBluegrassOriginals  200-BluegrassOriginals  200-GodsHillbillyBoy