RonRaymerRon Raymer is a multi-faceted artist. He works in two-dimensional work through the mediums of Oil and Acrylic painting. He is a Wood Carver and Wood Turner. In some pieces he incorporates the carving on turned bowls. Ron is also an engraver. He offers Limited Edition Embossings as one form of engraving and in another creates one-of-a-kind banjos by working with luthiers to design, carve and engrave the Banjo parts.

Ron spent 38 years with Hallmark cards of Kansas City. There he learned the engraving trade and worked the last 25 years in Research and Development. His job called for him to help develop the staff within Hallmark’s huge creative force (approximately 600 artists). This was done by expanding the individual artists into fields unknown to them, such as carving, etching and wood turning.

Ron has marketed his paintings through individual and group shows. He has sold through galleries and commission work.

Music is another avenue where he exercises his creative spirit, in particular the Gospel and Bluegrass style. Ron has written hundreds of songs which are copyrighted. Groups looking for fresh unrecorded material may want to contact Ron for a sampling of his songs.