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Ron Raymer Memorial Studio

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About Ron Raymer



Ron was multitalented and was a good steward of all the gifts endowed to him. He used his talents and gifts to serve others and to glorify his Lord.

When stricken with rheumatic fever as a young teen, Ron realized God took him through those days to begin developing his art talent and recognize his need for God in his life. His art talents lead to his 37-year career at Hallmark Cards as a engraver. His art has included baptismal murals for churches, painting, embossing, engraving, wood carving, instrument customization, and more. Ron’s work has received some high acclaim. His art is part of the collection at The Truman Presidential Library, The Ralph Foster Museum, College of the Ozark, The Smithsonian, American Banjo Museum, Musical Instrument Museum, American Jazz Museum, NYC Fire Fighters’ Museum (9-11 cow), and Nuevo Santander Gallery (McAllen, TX). Special works included 2 Kansas City Cow Parade cows, several first-day issue for USPS stamp first day covers, covers for  Winston Churchill, Harry S Turman, and Charlie Parker; celebrity instruments, Fort Scott historical museum displays, 38 Rockhurst Executive Fellows class caricatures, White House Christmas cards for several Presidents.

Music has always been a part of his life. His joy was playing in jam sessions first with his father, uncles, and family and then later with his many bluegrass friends. Music was also part of his ministry. As a youth director, he organized teens to worship and serve through music. He was a song writer for more than 50 years, writing spiritual and sentimental songs. In retirement, he and Arrena performed his songs at many senior citizen centers and churches both here in the Kansas City metro and South Texas. Ron has recorded over 25 CDs, primarily original songs he wrote.

Ron had the gift of teaching. From early adulthood, he taught Sunday School—first to 6th grade boys, then teens and later as an adult Sunday School teacher for 40 years. At Hallmark Cards, he mentored and taught workshops for fellow artists. He was a great communicator of the Word of God and assisted in writing several devotionals.  For three winters he served as lead teacher/pastor at Sunlight Church, McAllen, Texas.

Artwork and Music


Ron was a multi-faceted artist. He worked through the mediums of Acrylic, Oil and Pastels while painting over 3,500 paintings in his career.


Ron’s ability to work with wood was increadible, from turning, to carving and entarsia, his ability shown in each creation.


Ron was the Senior Designer Engraver for Hallmark Cards for over 37 years. He took this ability and showcased it on musical instruments and other mediums.


Ron’s ability to write, play and sing was a true gift from God. During his lifespan he composed hundreds of songs many of which he and his wife Arrena would share with groups in Missouri and Texas.

Senior Designer Engraver for Hallmark Cards

For 37 years Ron worked for Hallmark Cards in Kansas City, Missouri. For the last many years of his career with the company, he was heavily involved in the training and creativity of artists. As the Senior Designer Engraver he has the opportunity to work on many special projects for the company and work in Research and Development for most of his career.


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